My first encounter with mixing was as a 12 year old in late 1984, when a friend of mine played me some of his uncle's electro records, notably the Streetsounds LP ‘Crucial Electro Volume 1’. At first, I assumed that the reason there were no gaps between the songs was to fit more on the vinyl; It did not occur to me that the mixing was a creative part of the presentation, and had been carefully thought out utilising the experience and skills of a DJ. Fortunately, further listens revealed the sophistication of the DJ in question, Herbie Laidley from London's Mastermind crew. Soon after I was constructing my own crude pause-button mixtapes, inspired by the electro compilations and various radio shows on stations such as Piccadilly, Radio Lancashire & Southside. One particularly influential DJ was Greg Wilson, who was (and still is) a leading advocate of the electro-funk sound. Here is Greg on the tube in 1983.